About PEB

About the Product

PEBs are factory-built buildings of steel that are shipped to site and bolted together. What distinguishes them from other buildings is that the contractor also designs the building - a practice called Design & Build. This style of construction is ideally suited to industrial buildings and warehouses. It is cost efficient, very fast to erect, and can also be dismantled and moved to another site.

The concept is designed to provide a complete building envelope system which is airtight, energy efficient, optimum in weight and cost and time, above all, designed to fit user requirements like a well fitted glove.

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Advantages of PEB


Advantages over conventional sheds:


Customized elements can be incorporated which satisfy both functional and aesthetic demands. With this feature, one can choose preferable dimensions, colours, and components

Control over Quality

As buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions, quality is assured Reduction in Construction Time: Welding or bolting saves up to 50% to 30% cost and time compared to traditional construction techniques

Lower Cost

Due to the systems approach, there are significant savings in design, manufacturing and site erection cost. The overall price is 30% lower than conventional steel


Can be used for multiple applications such as auto repair shops, garages, warehouses etc.

Flexibility of Expansion and Relocation

If require it can also be taken apart & shift to other location. The length of buildings are expanded by adding additional bays. Width and height are pre-designed for any future expansion

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Buildings are equipped with polyurethane insulated panels or fibreglass blanket insulation to achieve the required ‘U’ values

Green Building

Steel buildings have green characteristics including recyclability and durability - the standard preferences for all pre-fab structures, being more than 90% recyclable

Environment health and safety


High standard PEBs help protect natural disasters, intruders, pest infestations and daily wear and tear.

Strong primary framings make durable pre-engineered buildings that can hold forces for a longer period.

They are environmentally friendly and contain high quantities of recyclable materials increasing their popularity.

Lastly, they are designed to ensure customer’s personal and professional safety.

Pre-engineered buildings form a unique position in the industry, being ideally suited to modern Engineering Industry needs. Its thermal and acoustical features make the perfect solution for large enclosures, high in design and construction in various categories.

Quality Policy

A ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organisation

The Quality supervision engages highly capable, experienced engineers, technicians to simplify international quality standards and practices.Our knowledgeable engineers work systematically to design PEBS, Pre – fabricated Buildings, Space frames as per customers’ requirement & site environment.Pinax is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organisation with full-fledged internal QC Laboratory that keeps a check on every incoming raw material and outgoing finished goods, to maintain our standards and quality commitment with the customers. All products in manufacturing are been checked and passed by Quality Control Team at each and every process.

Our Dedicated Team is evidently responsible towards their commitment and regular audits & reviews are conducted to identify the errors and fulfil the compliance accordingly.Strict quality control system ensures on time project completion & delivery and the product processes are truthful as per the requirement. We have successfully been able to meet the Quality Pass Criteria of various 3rd Party Inspection Agencies like TUV SUD, SGS, Lloyds, TUV India, BV, Quest, CEIL etc.